What is Staging?

Staging, in a nut shell, is prepping your home for market so you can get the best possible price and sell as quickly as possible.

It is marketing at its finest — determining who your target buyer is
and creating a home they would love.

Though this seems a little strange, it’s way more about the buyer than you. Staging is about taking your home and transforming it into just what the home the buyer has been dreaming of.

The process includes: cleaning, decluttering, updating, and of course decorating. But it’s not quite as simple as all that.

There is an art and science to the process, and the best thing way to start is with a consultation to determine what you can do to be most competitive. The key is increasing your profit while shortening your time line – but not so much that you lose money or have a price-point that is above average.

Contrary to popular belief, staging is not just sticking something in a room to show it’s purpose.  In fact, the wrong furniture that is the wrong size, type or era will not only hurt your bottom line, it can make the home seem dated, too small or like it just doesn’t feel right.

The right decor will appear to the buyer – not you.

Staging is not hiding or deceiving.

It is about fixing and creating a sell-able and desirable product that attracts buyers and gets offers.

Statistics show that vacant or dated homes take twice as long to sell as homes that have been staged. Buyers want move in ready homes, they do not want a fixer-upper, or what’s left of your to-do list.

Staging works because the home prepped to meet the needs of the future owner,
not the lifestyle of the current one.

When you work with us, we help you identify your target buyer, and we stage your home with their needs and desires in mind.

Let’s Work Together!

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