Furniture Rentals

The staging rental store has been a vision of ours for many years and we are so excited to see it become a reality!

The Home Staging Rental Warehouse

Starting our company back in 2004, we have evolved and grown with the community. We have added services as we saw the need for them and now once again we are pioneering the industry with our Staging Rental Store!

The Home Staging Warehouse is a division of Simply Organized & Staged and was created to provide quality furniture and accessories to Realtors, Homeowners, and Stagers.
Our goal is to be a resource with reasonably priced quality furnishings, education and vetted trades people you can trust.
Whether you are a seller who is a DIY’er, a Realtor who wants to help their clients or a Stager building a business, we are here to help you with all your Real Estate Staging Needs!


  1. Give us a call to make an appointment
  2. Select your items
  3. Fill out a rental agreement
  4. Pay your first 2 months rental fee and delivery charge
  5. We schedule your delivery day
  6. Let us know 10 days in advance to schedule your pick up

Rental Pieces

  • Base price for 1 room ranges between $100 to $250 per month
  • Delivery fee of $250 is charged in the initial rental package
  • Pick up fee of $250 is charged at the time pick up is scheduled
  • Design assistance is available for a small fee

Important: Rental furniture is for display purposes only and may not be used or lived on. Wear and tear on rented pieces will result in additional charges.

Seller Seminar

Selling your house but not sure where to start?

We have a seller seminar that will teach you how to prepare your home for market, educate you on how buyers buy today, share how to get the most money out of your house and where to spend and where to save

Interested in a Seller Seminar?

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